Maintaining Strong Growth in the NHS

The first half of 2013 has seen our coverage of maintenance expand throughout the UK. Our ongoing success is highly pleasing, at a time when the maintenance landscape is changing very rapidly and the demands of customers for quality and value is ever increasing. New NHS customers entrusting their equipment service to us for the first time, and increased coverage with existing customers,  is a combination that we are very proud of.

The significant growth in our contract coverage is met with the recruitment of a number of additional engineers, carefully selected in terms of location and experience in order to provide a seamless transition from OEM maintenance to Med Imaging. Our success is based on an a simple and honest approach, which gives customers exactly what they want, without the confusion of dressed up offerings and a chain of communication between the customer and the actual engineer. Our direct approach gives control to the customer, based on our own autonomy of the entire process.

As we enter our 19th year of servicing the NHS, we do so in our strongest ever position, and the strength to support the NHS for many years to come.