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The services provided, delivered through a specialist team led by Ultrasound Service Manager Gary Fraser, range from the planned preventative maintenance of these critical pieces of equipment to complex probe repair and replacement where either wear and tear takes its toll or, as is often the case, accidental damage occurs as these well used mobile machines are used across different specialities for an increasing range of diagnostic interventions and procedures.

Given the heavy use of these machines it’s also critical that any repairs are supported on a timely basis and Mi Healthcare deliver a system uptime of 98% which is driven by a first time fix rate of 93% – these levels of performance being comparable if not exceeding the industry standards.

The repair and replacement programme, in the event that off-site repair is required, is also supported by an extensive and modern loan equipment fleet to ensure that there is minimum downtime and that diagnostics are supported to ensure patients receive the right care in the most timely way and that delays and cancellations are minimised, capacity maximised and high quality diagnostic images for patients consistently delivered.

In addition to outstanding operational delivery Mi Healthcare also offer an innovative approach to contracting through their unique Mi Guarantee model which offers risk free opportunities for savings often between 30-40% relative to OEM providers, something to keep Directors of Finance happy, as you focus on your services delivery!

If you feel you would benefit from a fresh look at how your ultrasound equipment fleet is expertly and professionally supported by an experienced team focused on ensuring patients are cared for in a high quality and timely way as well as delivering great value for money and savings opportunities please contact us for an initial discussion on how we can build a partnership and work together.

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