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Mi Vet

Mi Healthcare is totally focused and committed to providing an unrivalled service, and with our team of OEM trained, and highly experienced engineers, we’ve been delivering unsurpassed maintenance to the UK’s NHS Trusts and private health organisations for over twenty years.

From the basic mobile, through to the latest digital rooms, we offer vendor neutral solutions to meet your needs. We work with your department to reduce expenditure, provide greater uptime without ever compromising on quality, leaving you to focus on your patients.

High standards, combined with exceptional technical skills, a forward-thinking approach, excellent customer service are values we hold firm, and with the recently launched Mi Options we will provide substantial savings on your contracts.

It is these core values that continue to set Mi Healthcare apart in the Independent Diagnostic Maintenance arena, and being a flexible, driven organisation we have the ability to adapt to your needs whenever the situation may require.

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