The Adora DRFi Has Been Well Received at This Year’s ECR


The Adora DRFi has been well received at this year’s, European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.

A versatile and cost-effective solution for multi-purpose examination rooms, the Adora DRFi has a huge range of unique advantages.

The benefits of using the Adora DRFi were explored at the event, with many attendants enjoying the opportunity to see the machine in action.

The flexibility of the machine was demonstrated and the stunning range of features proved impressive.


Examples of the Adora DRFi’s many advantages include:

– The Adora DRFi is based on a solid platform; the earlier Adora RF was a first in the hybrid segment now counting more than 30 installations, and more than 100 Adora systems have been installed worldwide.

– The unique design of the element of the Adora platforms is the ceiling rotating unit – with a +/- 270⁰ rotation, it provides unmatched positioning and enables lateral examinations, such as left and right axial hip, without moving the patient.

– Combined with Adora’s flexible twin tube design, these unique features make virtually any projection possible and allow the system to move automatically around the patient.

– The floating table top further increases flexible positioning as adjustments can be made with a minimal effort and without moving the patient. It allows for +/- 10 manual longitudinal floating and +/- 20 cm motorised and manual transverse floating.

– The table can be positioned by preference of the patient, i.e. head towards the base or at the end of the table. It is able to rotate, maximises floor space and provides optimal access for bedside and wheelchair examinations – a necessity in small rooms and a convenience in larger rooms.

– Following the introduction of inMotion auto-positing technology, the movements between predefined auto-positions have become smoother, faster and more direct.

– The introduction of inRotation circular movements, allows the Adora DRFi full 360⁰ rotation around (for a standing patient for weight bearing studies) and 240⁰ rotation around horizontal extremities. The rotating table allows users to maximise floor space so it is possible to perform studies in smaller rooms.

– The unique inControl console for in-room examinations completes the range of configurable system components for the Adora DRFi platform and provide users maximum freedom and flexibility in configuring solutions that match their exact requirements, and provides a platform for change and adaptation to future needs.