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Vieworks detectors – affordable quality

Today’s X-ray imaging solution providers are facing the “need for high image quality, fast speeds, better usability and cost efficiency” expectations. To meet these ever-increasing market demands, Vieworks’ new products, built on the years of innovation in X-ray detector solutions, feature the followings:
Mi Healthcare has the ideal solution for you for upgrades to digital or replacement of an OEM model – all at a cost which is affordable

VIVIX-S V series
– Offered in 3 sizes – 25x30cm (VIVIX-S 2530VW), 36x43cm (VIVIX-S 3643VW), and 43x43cm (VIVIX-S 4343VW)
– Superior image quality with its cutting-edge hardware design and advanced imaging processing technology
– Fast and stable wireless communication (802.11ac and 3 internal antennas)
– Robust design (100cm drop tested, 300kg load limit)
– IP67 water and dust resistance
– Wide operating temperature of 0℃ to 40℃
– Great portability with built-in handles
– Convenient charging (USB-C type, cradle, magnetic tether connector)
– The long-lasting battery of 16 hours
– A bundle software package (image acquisition software and mini-PACS)

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